Another Collection Digitized for Jungle Tapes!

Earlier this year we were contacted by Jennifer in Toronto about a tape collection.  After a few messages and pictures we got pretty excited about her Prophecy tapes, which span the mid-late 90's, beginning with a tape from 1996.

We are super excited to share these tapes with you and the timing of their release is perfect, because this month we celebrate the one year anniversary of Jungle Tapes!  To celebrate the one year, we're going to be releasing one tape from Jennifer's collection every Thursday starting tonight at midnight.  Then the rest of the collection will make it's way into the regular release schedule.

Big ups to Jennifer who entrusted us with the mission to digitize the tapes and have a great July junglists!  Remember, if you have tapes you want digitized, let us know!  We'll digitize them for free and get them back safely to you.

Mike & Chris.