2000.06.02 - Renegade Airwaves - Illfingas VIP Style

Recording Date: 
Friday, June 2, 2000
Radio Program: 
89.5 FM

Dark and heavy set from Tommy Illfingas, really hits you hard with those pounding bass lines and the track selection is… a bit on the spooky side?  I don’t know, the set has this ‘Listen with the lights out’ vibe.  Anyways, it’s got a groove that’s for sure, I was bouncing my head a bunch of times as the tunes rolled out.  Big up Tommy! Where you at?

Tommy holds it down on the mic until Caddy arrives, spinning that jungle and getting in the track names out there for everyone.  Gets a chirp in about Slip down south in Florida, enjoying the heat no doubt.

The Global Sound Systems bumpers at the beginning of the tape are classic, love that they played them without any music and a hint of reverb, the guy saying ‘Yeah!’ is hilarious!  Also, you’re going to love Caddy’s State of the Union type speech at the end of side B.  Lots people out there don’t know the ‘ish that went down with raving in Toronto during this time.

Back to Side A, the shout out to Eastern Bloc records is really going to take you back.  I think the location has been converted to a Burrito Boys, might even be something different now. Google Street view only goes so far. That record shop was legendary to the Toronto scene, back in the day no one was spinning on virtual decks, you went down to Eastern Bloc on new release day and spent all your money on new 12”s.

Reception is really good on the tape, no Dolby but you didn’t really need it if you were close enough to the antenna.  Not like us Grimcity kids across the lake, where Dolby was key to keeping those tapes sounding nice.  We were in that generation where our parents had those really high end late 80s, early 90s decks with all the features.  If you are looking for a pro deck for yourself that’s the time frame to look in. Get that rubbing alcohol to gently clean the tape head and you’ll be good to rock it analog style.

Interesting sounding track names, Grim Reaper, Yo Bitch.  It’s the dark jungle era yo.

Only real complaint is that it’s a short tape, but what can we say?  You had a spare TDK D60 on a Thursday night you threw it into the deck and hit record at midnight.  Big ups RC, the original recorder and Dan who kept those tapes safe all these years.

Overall, it’s a solid set. Illfingas executes his mixes flawlessly and the track selection will keep you interested to the very end.

2000.06.02 - Illfingas VIP Style - Side A (Dan)

2000.06.02 - Renegade- Airwaves -VIP Style - DJ Illfingas- Side A
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2000.06.02 - Illfingas VIP Style - Side B (Dan)

 2000.06.02 - Renegade Airwaves - VIP Style - DJ Illfingas, MC Caddy Cad -Side B
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