New Tapes Coming to Jungle Tapes Yo

New Tapes Coming for Jungle Tapes Yo

Fresh from a visit with Colin the original junglist, grimsby.chris returns from Toronto with a fresh batch of tapes!  

What up junglists, Chris and Mike here.  We're super stoked to reveal that we have a brand new batch of old tapes for the website.  Stay tuned for the first release, The Prophecy on CIUT 89.5 FM with Guest DJ SS on August 9th, 1998.

Another Collection Digitized for Jungle Tapes!

Earlier this year we were contacted by Jennifer in Toronto about a tape collection.  After a few messages and pictures we got pretty excited about her Prophecy tapes, which span the mid-late 90's, beginning with a tape from 1996.

Tape of Tapes - The Origins of the Old School Show

One of the sites that inspired us, the Toronto Rave Mixtape Archive, has got some nice sounding rips of the tapes played on the Old School Show.  It's nice to be able to hear them clean but there is something special about mic moments and CIUT sound bites.  Still, we have to send a big up to Wayne and the Toronto Mixtape Archive for keeping the old school alive, because without these sets all we'd have is the old school show like it was 1998 with no internets.

Top Tapes of 2014

Top Old School Jungle Tapes of 2014

We've compiled a list of the most streamed/downloaded old school jungle tapes from in 2014.  Broken down by month, these tapes represent the internet's favorite recordings from our collection of 2014 releases and serve as a great introduction to the world of late 90's Toronto jungle. officially launched!

Chris and Mike from

Junglist Massive!

We are proud to announce the official launch of, an audio library of high quality audio files of jungle drum N' bass radio shows broadcast from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Each tape has been carefully digitized from our cassette tape collections, and is available on the site free to stream and free to download as well.

The goal of this site is to celebrate, archive and open to commentary, this very special part of the Toronto electronic music scene.

The secondary goal is a call to action, specifically a Call For Tapes.

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