2000.07.21 - Mystical Influence - Thru the Mirror

Recording Date: 
Friday, July 21, 2000
Radio Program: 
89.5 FM

Mystical Influence on the decks, rinsing it out on Renegade Airwaves summer 2000.  This is our last and final radio show tape from Dan’s collection, originally recorded by RC.  Big up! 

Overall this is a great set, it’s one of the latest tapes in the collection so the new music here isn’t anything you’ll hear on any other tape of the site, Mystical always got his hands on those rare dubplates so you’re probably hearing some of those here, I really like the mix of the third track (Total Science – Lust - Hardleaders) into a remix of Hide You with a crunchy bass line.  Never gonna hear that again.

Then back into some harder sounds

I feel tune with the booming bass line

SS and Warren G at Turbo nightclub tomorrow night

Fungle Junk w MC Navigator next Tuesday

Something about some thunglist jugs fucking shit up that aren’t welcome anymore

Sounds of the New Crunk (Dub Mix) – listen to that bass! 

Vinyl Syndicate - Laceration

Side Change

Kosheen – Demonstrate (Moksha 06T)  Cool tune.

Vinyl Syndicate – Drop Zone (another rare tune we’ve never heard before)

Renegade Airwaves bumper we’ve never heard before


Spooky sounding tune in the mix

Tape cuts out, then back with a big up to RC & Vinyl Productions from Ryan in Thornhill!  Very cool, Chris and I managed to record a few shout-outs, either ones for us (but more likely ones we called in for our friends)


Laura is 19!  Laura would now be 39 now jeebuz.

Classic sounds

Alpha Omega – Back to the Future  (Reinforced – Rivet 139)

…and that’s it!

Unfortunately there’s some sound quality issues on Side A, for whatever reason it favors the (L) channel and the audio isn’t as clear as it could be, but that gets cleared up by around the 15 minute mark as the tape works its way past the rough patch and then Side B sounds really good.

So yah, another collection for the site!  Big ups Dan, big ups RC, and for any of you heads out there with a bunch of tapes you'd like digitized and posted on the site, reach out!  We'll get those tapes digitized and back safely to you.

2000.07.21 - Mystical Influence - Thru the Mirror - Side A (Dan)

2000.07.21 Renegade Airwaves - Mystical Influence - Thru the Mirror - Side A - Dan

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2000.07.21 - Mystical Influence - Thru the Mirror - Side B (Dan)

2000.07.21 Renegade Airwaves - Mystical Influence - Thru the Mirror - Side B - Dan

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