2000.10.23 - Assignment Earth - The Demo Tape - Dj Mantis

Recording Date: 
Monday, October 23, 2000
Radio Program: 
Assignment Earth

So this tape is not the regularly scheduled tape for this week and it's going out on a special request. Enjoy!

This sure looks like a demo tape. No idea where I got it from. Ads are left in though which is kind of weird if it's a promo but it may not have been easy to remove them as they likely used a tape deck in the studio and then took that tape right to the duping place. The tape is a little noisy overall but keep in mind there's no dolby and it's a bulk wound type 1 2nd+ gen copy.

It's from the York University radio station show "Assignment Earth" on CHRY 105.5FM. I don't know what coverage area that station has but I know that I never listened to this show live ever. I did party at the Jungle night at the York U club a few times after blazing up some canyoneros with some friends. I think they said it's called the underground but I can't remember anymore.

I have one or two other tapes from this station from a friend of mine which are quite old I think. They'll make it up on here eventually when I finish digitizing that collection.

We have DJ Mantis in the house for this tape with an overall good mix of old and new tunes. A few locally produced tracks are dropped and some requests get thrown down that had been called in for the previous week. There is someone else on the mic who mentions his name at the end of side B but it's kinda hard to understand and it's not a name that I recognized. Comment if you know who it is and we'll update.

2000.10.23 - Assignment Earth - The Demo Tape - Dj Mantis - Side A

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2000.10.23 - Assignment Earth - The Demo Tape - Dj Mantis - Side B

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