1999.06.24 - Jungle Airwaves - Freedom & Odyssey

Recording Date: 
Thursday, June 24, 1999
Radio Program: 
Jungle Airwaves
100.7 FM

Sometime between the the end of May when I last recorded a Renegade Airwaves show, the Vinyl Syndicate crew got replaced on Thursday nights by the Next Junction crew on 100.7FM.  

Next Junction was a party organizer/crew which had a whole other group of DJ's and MC's who played together.  

I'm not 100% sure when the switch happened, because this was my first Jungle Airwaves tape and there is nothing mentioned about the switch, and in fact if you look at the tape picture you can see that I thought it WAS Renegades, but it's not, it's Jungle Airwaves.  

It took a few recordings for me to figure out that Rengades had been moved to 89.5FM, which was cool but also kinda crazy because now Thursday nights had TWO 5 hour jungle shows to choose from, and unless you had two decks, you could only record one of them.

1999.06.24 - Jungle Airwaves - Freedom & Odyssey Set 1


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Owners Comments: 

When I reviewed this tape back in the day I gave Freedom a 2.5/5 and Odyssey a 1/5.  Ouch.  I think I enjoy this tape now more than I did back in the day.  I didn't really listen to it a whole lot back then.