1999.07.02 - Jungle Airwaves - Oblio The Obscure

Recording Date: 
Friday, July 2, 1999
Radio Program: 
Jungle Airwaves
100.7 FM

Not a bad set, some dark tunes, some good mixing.  

I found this short set at the end of the Sep 12th '99 Prophecy tape.  This is the only set I have from Oblio.  

The tape image is correct, the labels you see were pasted on top of the original Oblio label.  

The position of the tape is actually where the Prophecy recording ends and the Jungle Airwaves recording starts.

1999.07.02 - Jungle Airwaves - Oblio The Obscure - Side B


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Owners Comments: 

This is the only set I have by Oblio, an obscure DJ who's set I managed to capture in the summer of '99.  

Only 30 minutes of this set survived because I ended up taping over the set with a Prophecy show that September.  I had to hold up the tape sleave to the light to try to look through the whiteout to confirm who it was, but there is a spooky voice (maybe Oblio's?) that comes on and whispers that it's DJ Oblio on the Global Groove Network.

I actually have a faint memory of showing the Oblio tape to Chris in high school at the begining of grade 12 who asked 'Who's Oblio?'

Would love to find someone with a recording of the first hour and a half of this set, if you have it send us a message through our wish list form.