1999.08.06 - Jungle Airwaves - Take Me Up!

Recording Date: 
Friday, August 6, 1999
Radio Program: 
Jungle Airwaves
100.7 FM

Capital J throws down a hard and fast set.  Lots of Amen break style selections, a bunch of spooky samples, lots of bass.  This is overall a great intro to the legendary Capital J.  There's even a little bit of record crackle on the tape, let's you know that J was up there for real on the decks.  

Trigga, or MC Trigger is an entertaining MC.   No fast jungle MC'ing on this tape though, which is a shame cause the music selection by the DJ Capital J is just off the hook.  Big ups J, and even big ups to Trigga.  There are actually a few rare and special radio moments, like the bit about DJ Spinz' parking ticket fundraiser, the stalkers (mentioned twice, is Spinz the stalker?) doing the stalking thing.  Of course we can't also forget the funniest shout out of all time, at 34:10:

'Where's JD?  Probably drinking a 40 somewhere.  Get out the park fool!'

Shouts going out to Mikey also makes Capital J laugh and call out to Mikey in the background.

Trigga describes J's set as an old school show at the end of J's set, but I don't know if all of the tunes are old school or not.  J was always known to have an interesting selection, in part because he often dropped his own tracks and dub plates, but no mention at all from Trigga or J on the track names.  There's a few familiar tracks in the mix.

The brand new business with Spinz sounds awesome but it's super short.  There's less than 10 minutes of the Spinz before the tape cuts out, kinda abruptly.

Overall, a good tape.  Played this one a lot this week, if you love the drum n bass jungle, and especially if you are a fan of the Capital J, this is a great little Jungle Airwaves set.  

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1999.08.06 - Jungle Airwaves - Take Me Up!

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