1999.09.09 - Freedom Airwaves

Recording Date: 
Thursday, September 9, 1999
Radio Program: 
Jungle Airwaves
100.7 FM

This tape is just full of the wicked selections.  Freedom is on the decks for the first 24 minutes spinning some dnb style jungle, then Professor Squinty touches down (our first recording to feature him) with some old school ragga tunes and then some harder jungle.  The recording wraps up with Capital J who takes it home and spins the rare & outstanding 'Music is the Key' vocal roller, one of Chris' favorite tracks.

16:18 - DJ Freedom gets on the mic.  She's funny, and cute.  Talks about her pink salmon that she had for dinner.  Capital J thinks it's hilarious and can be heard in the background.  J and Freedom go back and forth a bit about things that are pink and not pink.  It's one of many special radio moments.

24:07 - Professor Squinty starts his set with some old school ragga jungle then moves on to some harder selections.  I think Squinty was part of the Next Junction crew, beyond that I don't know much about him (her?).  They were the one who brought the ragga and dancehall styles to Jungle Airwaves and wasn't a DJ but a Professor, of the Jungle I guess.

51:14 - Capital J gets up on the decks and starts things off with the dope 'Music is the key' track.  Also wants to kiss all the ladies.

56:22 - Man, these CHIN commericals are so ridiculous.  'Come down and be like this chick, whoever she is.' ...What???

58:35 - Ah yah, one of Capital J's signature tunes to finish things off.


1999.09.09 - Freedom Airwaves - Hour 2

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Owners Comments: 

This was the forgotten tape, the one that was skipped over during the first round of tape digitization.  Was really happy to find it, it's a rare gem.  Wish I had hour 1 though, that was on another tape and it's gone.   I recorded over it with something else.  If you've got that 12-1am set hit me up yo.  I would just love to hear that again.