1999.09.23 - Jungle Airwaves - Capital J World Premieres

Recording Date: 
Friday, September 24, 1999
Radio Program: 
Jungle Airwaves
100.7 FM

September '99 continues to deliver the great tapes, and this one is no exception.  In fact this was one of my favourite tapes from back in the day because of Capital J's outstanding track selection, abundance of never-before-heard dubplates and excellent mixing.  The dubplates are great, and I like how Capital J asked the listeners to call in to let him know if he should 'Jam it or slam it', aka take the track to the press or throw it out.  I think all of the dub plates he drops get the yes vote, but if they didn't this could have been the only time that these tracks were ever dropped.  This was certainly the first time they were every played and that is what makes this tape so special. 

Things start off with the Professor Squinty, who once again brings the wide ranging style and drops some outstanding tunes.

Love the ironic moment at the beginning of the tape with Capital J telling the listeners to turn off their tape decks.  Obviously I did not listen and I'm sure others did the same!

You can tell that this tape was well travelled by the faded label and discolouration of the plastic on Side B, obviously this tape spent some time on the seat in the car and got a little bit of sunshine.

The whiteout on Side A was put there to let me know at what point of the tape did Capital J step into the mix.  I would usually fast forward past Squinty's set even though it was pretty dope as well.  I just couldn't get enough of that dub plate business.

 This tape is a good example of the 99 style without the dark vibes that was prevalent at the time.  New tunes but still upbeat and fun, lots of energy in this recording for sure.  He was definitely prepping the listeners for the next nights party at Industry, the Ragga Jungle Movement.  Any heads out there remember that party?  Leave a comment below yo!

1999.09.23 - Jungle Airwaves - Capital J World Premieres - Side A

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1999.09.23 - Jungle Airwaves - Capital J World Premieres - Side B

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