1999.10.08 - Jungle Airwaves - Yagga Yah!

Recording Date: 
Friday, October 8, 1999
Radio Program: 
Jungle Airwaves
100.7 FM

First show to feature DJ Fleetwood, back in the day I gave this tape a high rating based on the track selection and some solid mixing.  It's a dark jungle set, but one of the better ones.  This was the first time I heard the Union Station track by Tommy Illfingas which became an athem that fall.  Almost have to give Capital J an MC credit on this one, he was a moment away from busting out some rhymes it seems.  I don't remember Jungle Airwaves switching to Monday nights, but for some reason I have October 4th written on the tape, but I think that date is wrong.  Professor Squinty's set at the end of Side B is dancehall all the way, not really my thing but sort of interesting.

1999.10.08 - Jungle Airwaves - Yagga Yah! - Side A

Jungle Airwaves from October 8th 1999 recorded on a TDK SA-X100 Cassette Tape

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Owners Comments: 

Some extensive notes on the tape sleave circa 1999


1999.10.08 - Jungle Airwaves - Yagga Yah! - Side B

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