1998.12.02 - Mental Atmospheres w Cosmic John & Dino

Recording Date: 
Wednesday, December 2, 1998
Radio Program: 
Mental Atmospheres
93.3 FM

First and only tape of a Mental Atmospheres show, hosted by Cosmic John and Dino on CFRU 93.3 FM, University of Guelph Radio.  Big ups to Dan for this one, this recording was the most beat up tape in the collection so we knew it had to be something special! 

When we first put the tape in the deck and fired up Side A the first thing we heard was a news broadcast from the BBC and we thought for a moment that we might actually have an original One-in-the-Jungle radio show, but what had actually happened was Side A was actually recorded on Side B of the tape, starting right in the middle of the BBC news clip which was a feature to mark the halfway point of the show.  We're super grateful to Cosmic J and Dino who actually took a moment near the end of Side A to explain how they were throwing things down, and this tape is actually a tape of tapes;   Slip n’ Slide live at Vinyl Syndicate for the first hour, then some BBC news for about 10 minutes or so and then another tape of funky house for the second hour.  It’s a tape of tapes, just like the original old school show - one of our favorites.

Anyways, this Slip n’ Slide set on Side A was, up until now, a lost recording.  We checked the Vinyl Syndicate tape on the TRMA site and this doesn’t sound like the same set.  So not only do we get a Slip N’ Slide tape that no one has heard for 20+ years but we also get the guys commentary about all the parties and other cool ‘ish going down.  Seriously, this is borderline pirate radio!  Some of these parties were ‘in the know’ warehouse type throwdowns, so cool.

So yah, side A is great then we get this, right in your face (ears?) BBC news clip that reminds you that some things haven’t changed, but maybe, just maybe… the elephants will be alright.  

Then on Side B we’ve got a funky house tape from DJ Andy Roberts and yah, it’s house and this is jungletapes.com but man we’re gonna publish it anyways because it’s a great set and you just gotta let that tape roll, know what I mean?  Also, it's another tape we couldn't find on the TRMA site so another lost tape perhaps?

Anyways, lots of heads to thank for this one.  Let’s start with Dan who sent us the box of tapes, DJ RC who may have made the original recording, Cosmic John and Dino for hosting the show, Slip, Slide for representing the Vinyl Syndicate crew, the BBC and the One-in-the-Jungle heads and lastly DJ Andy Roberts spinning that wicked awesome funky house business.  Happy New Years Junglists!

1998.12.02 - Mental Atmospheres w Cosmic John & Dino - Slip & Slide Live @ Vinyl Syndicate - Side A (Dan)

1998.12.02 - Mental Atmospheres with DJs Cosmic John & Dino spinning Slip & Slide Live @ Vinyl Syndicate Side A

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1998.12.02 - Mental Atmospheres w Cosmic John & Dino - Andy Roberts Funky House Business - Side B (Dan)

1998.12.02 - Mental Atmospheres with DJs Cosmic John & Dino spinning a funky house Andy Roberts tape - Side B

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