1996.10.20 - Sniper Dubplate Special 1996

Recording Date: 
Sunday, October 20, 1996
Radio Program: 
The Prophecy
89.5 FM

This is the earliest recording in the collection, and is another tape courtesy of Jennifer in Toronto.  Reaching all the way back to 1996.  Big up!

Starts out with Marcus playing a tape of what I believe was the first 'Back-to-Back' party with Marcus and Mystical Influence on October 18th 1996.  I did a quick search and couldn't find this particular party on any of the old archives, so it's possible this might be the first time that this set has made it's way to the web.

After about 17ish minutes special guest DJ Sniper touches down and then things really get interesting.  There is a really cool vibe to his set, today we would call this old school, but back then this would have been a new school show.  Sniper drops mad dub plates and new tunes from England and just spins an absolutely slamming set.

Also have some really strange commercials, just listen to the anti Mike Harris commercial on Set 2, wow, really gives me a sense of the era.

Sounds like there were some shenanigans in the studio too, on Set 3 Marcus is talking about someone who shouldn't be drinking when they should be studying, and then he stops reading a shoutout saying he can't say something on the air.  Also sounds like we got Everfresh and DJ Darkness in the house.

This is also the first tape in the collection to feature the obscure DJ Shadow, who according to one source was the early name for DJ Prime.  Prime is still a regular on the Prophecy to this day.  Marcus of course has now taken up residence with KoolLondon

Also, we got MC Recka in the house, he doesn't mc but he DOES sound a lot like L Natural don't you think?  Is L Natural and Recka one in the same?  Leave a comment below!

1996.10.20 - Sniper Dubplate Special 1996 - Set 1

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1996.10.20 - Sniper Dubplate Special 1996 - Set 2

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1996.10.20 - Sniper Dubplate Special 1996 - Set 3

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Hey Mike, Yes Shadow = Prime and Recka = L Natural. If you listen to Natural's lyrics on the Ninja Turtle tape, you'll hear him say "Used to be the Recka".