1998.05.03 - The Prophecy - Prime, Marcus, Drip, Darkness, Caddy Cad.

Recording Date: 
Sunday, May 3, 1998
Radio Program: 
The Prophecy
89.5 FM

Side B of this tape is one of the original 7 tapes. Side A was rejected due to the overall crappyness of it vs Side B. Also Side B is classic Caddy Cad and it's hilarious and also awesome.

Prime sets the pace off slow on Side A. Caddy Cad steps in near the end and then Marcus takes over the decks.

Side B starts off the Caddy Cad fest. DJ Drip is in the house later on and drops one of his own records "His Imperial Majesty". There is also the funny rewind on the "Limb By Limb" remix.

Darkness is the official guest DJ for this set, although due to the fact that this was a 90 minute tape, we miss almost all of his set. Seems that he starts off with a mixtape though? Also I think Marcus says that Darkness brings him some drugs but it could also mean other things.

I used to listen to Side B of this tape on the way to High School in grade 10, walking down Livingston Ave, south side, bopping to the Caddy lyrics. I usually got to the school just after turbulence came on, which was a great way to start the day.

This tape contains the "Hey, DJ Marcus, This one's from DJ Marcus" rhyme when Marcus drops the remix of the Grizzler.

1998.05.03 - The Prophecy - Toronto's Finest - Side A

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1998.05.03 - The Prophecy - Toronto's Finest - Side B

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Interesting!  Marcus does thank Darkness for bringing him 'Stamina' but I think he's talking about a record, not drugs.  Maybe a dub plate?