1998.05.24 - The Prophecy - Prime and Marcus With Guests From The UK Dj Ron And MC 5ive-0

Recording Date: 
Sunday, May 24, 1998
Radio Program: 
The Prophecy
89.5 FM

This was the first Prophecy show that I ever recorded myself. After months of listening regularly to the Prophecy with no tape deck to record the show, finally I was able to capture my first Prophecy show live. Unfortunately, I was forced to use the shittiest kind of tape deck, one that was built into a combo system with a CD player, etc. A tape deck that was not even capable of recording over existing content on a tape while making a new recording.. so my first Prophecy show ended up over top of "The Crow" motion picture soundtrack, which you could hear playing softly in the background during the Prophecy show.

As a result of this technical failure of my mother's boyfriend's tape deck that I was using, this recording here was actually made by my brother, Colin.

Big ups and massive respect to Colin because, without him, I would likely never have known that drum and bass music ever existed and neither would a large chunk of the '98 Grimsby crew who were indirectly exposed through his tapes.

Jungle / Drum and Bass music literally changed my entire life and it all started with this tape.

On this tape we have Djs Prime, Marcus and special guests from the UK Dj Ron and MC 5ive-0 who were in town for the Lucid party that weekend.

This tape is all around slamming. So many styles, so much awesomeness, so many hilarious 5ive-0 quotes.

1998.05.24 - The Prophecy - Guests from the UK Dj Ron and MC 5ive-0 - Side A

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1998.05.24 - The Prophecy - Guests from the UK Dj Ron and MC 5ive-0 - Side B

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