1998.11.08 - The Prophecy - Lush Inside the Mix

Recording Date: 
Sunday, November 8, 1998
Radio Program: 
The Prophecy
89.5 FM

Absolutely slamming show with DJ Lush holding it down on The Prophecy!  Marcus hosts and DJs a bit in the middle of the recording and Caddy Cad is on the mic.  Great mixing and lots of great 98 era tunes including a 3 track Vinyl Syndicate mix going from Boogie Nights to Tip Tonic to Nail Gun.  You'd never hear a mix like that anywhere else but on one of the Toronto jungle shows.

Sound quality is studio level thanks to better-than-average reception and the fact that this wasn't recorded onto a tape but a CD using one of those big-ass 1x component CD recorders plugged right into the receiver.  Original owner Colin must have sat right in front of the deck the whole time because the rip wasn't one long recording, it's marked into 20+ tracks which you can find packaged up in a .zip in the downloads section.

1998.11.08 - The Prophecy - Lush Inside the Mix

1998.11.08 - The Prophecy - Lush Inside the Mix - Lush, Marcus & Caddy Cad
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