1999.02.14 - The Prophecy - Mampi Swift Night

Recording Date: 
Sunday, February 14, 1999
Radio Program: 
The Prophecy
89.5 FM

Update April 2019:

We've updated the show with Colin's copy of the show, which is dope because it was recorded on a Type 4, Sony Metal XR tape (one of the highest quality tapes you could buy back in the day) and sounds amazing.  Oddly enough, it starts right at the same time as Jennifer's copy, but ends with a 10 minute clip of a random party with DJ Marcus alongside MCs L Natural and Caddy Cad.  Anyone out there know what show that was?


Alright so Mike helped out with some of the work on this tape including the title which isn't what I would have chosen. This is yet another tape from Jennifer that I had which was taped over. I probably copied it from the Doctor's original back in 99, but it would most likely have been a single side of a 90 minute so I'm not sure how much of Mampi was on that tape. Also another side seems to have appeared out of nowhere so I can't comment on the B content.

To us, this was the Everfresh rinse out of the Visionary dubs that made the dr go nuts. I think to this day those Visionary tunes are still the only tracks that interest him anymore. I don't know if they ever saw a release or even a test pressing or anything. I personally only ever bought 2 records back in the day. As an unemployed 16 year old I didn't have money for party tickets let alone records. Living in Grimsby didn't help either, it wasn't like I could just head down to Eastern Bloc anytime to check out the new releases. Also these days we take the easy access to music and information that high speed internet provides for granted. I was still on dial up back then and had to wait until my mum was off the phone for the night just to be able to go online.

Anyways, back to the tape. I remember walking back home from somewhere in the east end of town listening to the start of this tape and just rewinding over and over because it was so awesome. It's a great intro mix by the fresh, throwing down the Toronto business along with some dope UK tracks. I have an old digitized copy of the first 20 minutes of the tape or so. I'm really not sure what happened to the rest of it, but thanks to Jennifer, you can enjoy a longer part of this show today!

After Everfresh has you dancing all over the room, Mampi comes in with some dark and grimy stuff which seemed to be the trend in 99. We also have L Natural and Caddy Cad going back to back on the mic actually doing some real good rhyming. Caddy says some hilarious stuff which would probably have gotten some interesting feedback on the facebook page if that shit had existed back then. I know that I had to do a quick rewind and make sure that's what he really said.

Overall it's a great side, and you can't go wrong. Also as I mentioned at the start, there is a B side to this tape that I didn't get a chance to check cause it wasn't there last night when I had some time to work on it.

Let us know what you thought about this tape.

1999.02.14 - Mampi Swift Night - Side A (Colin)

1999.02.14 - Mampi Swift Night - Side A - Everfresh, Mampi Swift, L Natural & Caddy Cad
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1999.02.14 - Mampi Swift Night - Side B (Colin)

1999.02.14 - Mampi Swift Night - Side B - Mampi Swift, L Natural & Caddy Cad + Marcus Live Set
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1999.02.14 - The Prophecy - Mampi Swift Night (Side A)

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1999.02.14 - The Prophecy - Mampi Swift Night (Side B)

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