1999.06.06 - The Prophecy - The Second Old School Show

Recording Date: 
Sunday, June 6, 1999
Radio Program: 
The Prophecy
89.5 FM

Update July 2016:

We've updated the show with Jennifer's copy.  Lots of bass flex thanks to the Chromium Dioxide (CrO2) tape used to make the recording.  It's missing the first few minutes and the last 30 or so so make sure to check out Mike's copy for the missing action.

We've gotten some interesting feedback about this show, it seems to be one of those Prophecy shows that really stoked some memories from some of the visitors to the site.  We know all you fans are out there, we can see the traffic, but hearing your personal stories really does mean something to us and reminds us why we started the site in the first place.  If you've got a memory you want to share, hit us up!

Despite posting her photo we have not heard from Victoria, and thats ok.  Life is made up of so many moments, we just wanted to know that you were part of one.


So much to say about this show.  This was the Sunday after the Empire and Effective Full Exposure party, which Chris and I went to.  It's Marcus and Prime spinning an all vinyl, all old school set.  So many great tunes from 1994/1995.  Unlike the first old school show (which is in the queue to be released at a later date), this set doesn't have any MC'ing, and hardly any talking, making it a really easy set to enjoy.  So many great tunes, many of them probably never played on the radio again.

The Full Exposure party that Chris and I went to the night before was a great time.  We told my parents we were going to the Ice-T concert (Ice-T was a headliner, so no lie there) and we were going with Chris's older brother (also true, but we only stood in line with him, and even then that was only for a little before we took off).  We didn't mention it was a party, or one of the biggest rave's of the summer that would go all night long.  Somehow, they bought it, and let me go.  It was the moment that Chris had been prepping me for all spring - First you had to listen to the radio shows, get to know the DJ's and fall in love with the jungle, and then you had to go to a real party, and what a party it was.  We spent the day having some adventures in Toronto.  I designed graffiti style junglist t-shirts for Chris and I, and when we took Chris' design to get printed on an iron-on transfer at Kinkos the guy totally didn't know what he was doing and broke the photocopier before he got it figured out.  We gave some homeless guy some cash to buy us smokes and instead of buying them he hopped on the TTC and took off-with our money.  Then Chris just walked into a store and bought them, buddy never even checked his ID.  We also played some pirated japanese SNES games with Chris' brother in their basement apartment down at the beaches.  At the party, I snuck in some chronic in my sock, totally squishing it, but somehow we managed to get it snipped up and got a few doobies out of it.  While we were doing that I met a cute girl named Victoria who seemed a bit sweet on me.  She was really nice and gave me and Chris both massages.  This tape is special because I called in for the shout out to Victoria and the Beeton massive on Side B.  We must have exchanged addresses because I have a photo of her that she sent from from WEMF that year.  She invited me to the party the next weekend (which was hullabaloo I think) but I never made it.  My mom found out that Chris and I had stretched the truth about the 'concert' we went to and that it was actually a rave where we had stayed out all night, and I never went to a party with Chris again.  I made it to one more party but that was a year later, in the summer of 2000. 

For Chris and I, Full Exposure was our first real bonding moment.  Around 4 AM, I just couldn't keep my head up anymore, Chris and I walked over to one of the walls in the jungle room, sat down and I put my head down and fell asleep until 6am.  Chris stayed with me the whole time, never left my side.  Thanks bro.

In many ways, this tape was a bit of a pinnacle for jungle tapes for me.  A few months into the new school year I was grounded and cut off from hanging out with Chris.  I couldn't go to the parties anymore, the bad press about raves in Toronto started, it was all starting to come apart and it sucked.  I still tuned in and recorded lots of shows, but I also started to hang out with some punks, and my music tastes began to change.  For whatever reason, my parents had no problems with me going to downtown Hamilton to go to punk, hardcore and ska shows.  So thats what I did.  And now I like punk and jungle.  Go figure.

Here's the picture Victoria sent me in case you were curious about that.

1999.06.06 - The Second Old School Show (Side A - Jennifer)

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1999.06.06 - The Second Old School Show (Side B - Jennifer)

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1999.06.06 - The Prophecy - The Second Old School Show Side A (Mike's Tape)


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1999.06.06 - The Prophecy - The Second Old School Show Side B (Mike's Tape)


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