1999.08.01 - The Prophecy - The Final Prophecy

Recording Date: 
Sunday, August 1, 1999
Radio Program: 
The Prophecy
89.5 FM

Prime in the house with special guests the DJ Andy B and MC Caddy Cad.  Andy B doesn't disappoint and Caddy is hot a the mic a few times during the night.

Side A of the recording starts late, about halfway through Prime's set, and it's also a little bit glitchy, not because of the boys throwing down but because of some shorts in the old Luxman hi-fi gear used to make the recording.  But it all settles down and we get to enjoy some jungle vibes.  

Halfway through Side A it's special guest Andy B touching down and it gets Caddy all hyped.  Ends up throwing down what is certainly, one of the most Caddy rhymes of all time, check this out, it's right around the 51:50 mark:

Andy B at the decks

Ready for the flex

Go ahead, flex the biceps.  

Sure, flex your pecs!

We're ready to inject.

Open your mind.

Let your bodies be free.

Andy B.

! Yah I know!  Can you believe it, I actually flexed my own pecs and biceps while I was mastering the set, what a unique prophecy radio moment.  I just love it.

Caddy is occasionally silent on Side B, while Andy B doesn't miss a beat and just rinses it out with some harder edge jungle until the end of the show.

This show though, is overshadowed by Marcus on the mic, frequently talking about CIUT shutting down.  It's revealed that there's an issue with part of the UofT that keeps the radio station running, and Marcus lists some numbers to call to leave a message to save the radio station.  By the end of the show Marcus lets on that he's optimistic about things working out.  Either way, these announcements are what inspired the name of the show, The Final Prophecy.

Makes you wonder, was this actually the last music ever played on The Prophecy CIUT 89.5FM?  Like Marcus, I was optimistic it wasn't.

Hey maybe Prime or Caddy could answer this question, was Andy B and Andy Bollocks the same DJ?

1999.08.01 - The Prophecy - The Final Prophecy (Side A)

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1999.08.01 - The Prophecy - The Final Prophecy (Side B)


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