2000.05.21 - The Prophecy - L Double Dubplate Night

Recording Date: 
Sunday, May 21, 2000
Radio Program: 
The Prophecy
89.5 FM

Every track tonight, a dubplate.  So you know you better keep these tapes cause this one was a wicked show, and this last track done by the Marcus who'll be back next week.  

Thats what Prime said about L Double's set at the very end of the show on Side B.  It gave me pause and led me to listen to Side B all over again while I was prepping this tape for jtapes.  At the time, this live broadcast was probably the first time ever in Canada that most, if not all of the tracks dropped by L Double (save for the last, but more on that later) were heard by Canadians.  This was back in the day before you could hear a CIUT online stream, so this was special.

The vibe of this show is much different than the jazzy, funky bass lines of the Mothers Day 2000 Show.  It's the darkest of the dark jungle, especially from the L Double who drops the dubplate flex with Navigator, whos more or less hot on the mic for the whole B side.  

Despite the big name guests and the slamming b-side I didn't really listen to this tape much back in the day, and thats despite it being the second to last jungle tape I recorded off the radio.

2000.05.21 - The Prophecy - L Double Dubplate Night (Side A)

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2000.05.21 - The Prophecy - L Double Dubplate Night (Side B)

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