1998.02.01 - The Prophecy - Some Chill Vibes

Recording Date: 
Sunday, February 1, 1998
Radio Program: 
The Prophecy

Marcus in the mix.

Renegades w/ brockie and fearless the previous night


1998.02.01 - The Prophecy - Some Chill Vibes - Side B

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This is the only tape I've heard that has those Elements tracks, which is strange because they're great!  Jenna did the vocals for another Slip track, Let Me Know which was at some point the best selling drum n' bass single according to http://www.mach747.com/vocalists.html .  Jenna was a cutie too!  BTW that birthday shoutout is hilarious!  Great recording bro!


The main thing (and this has got to be big news cause, damn, that pic tho) is on the page they talk about the Elements album "Feel The Realness" which I'm sure is the name of the track that Dj Slide drops on the May 31, '98 Prophecy that just fuckin gives me that chill you know. I even named the show after that track, not even knowing if that was the name of it or whatever, it was just so different and special. And yeah, Jenna has an awesome voice. Thanks bro!