1998.08.02 - The Prophecy - Mystical Influence, Sniper & Caddy Cad

Recording Date: 
Sunday, August 2, 1998
Radio Program: 
The Prophecy

We've got Djs Mystical Influence and Sniper representing from Vinyl Syndicate recordings. They rock the fucking house down to it's foundations with the mixing skills and the selections.

These boys tear up the decks with some selections that I'd never heard any other time. This show is fucking wicked. No wonder i chose my only type IV tape when recording this for my own collection. This recording is from my bro's original tape which I don't think is actually the original since you can hear what sounds like a side change on side B in the middle somewhere which seems to indicate that he duped it from probably one of those bulk winds.

You could almost list Marcus as an MC on this tape cause he is sure on the mic an awful lot. A whole lot more than Caddy Cad who maybe should even be removed from the title of this tape. I think he only drops a few lyrics on side A. I'm not sure if Dj Prime is in the house at all.

infomercial style / roulette mix is wicked. The breaks on that infomercial track are off the charts. Man such a unique track, I never heard it any other time and I like all the positive things the guy says. "You and you alone have the power to be the master of your life" Damn fucking right bro.

There is a Renegades party the next weekend. I have a live tape from that party, ShyFX with MCs Navigator and Warren G. It's the Formation Records tour. Goes down on 08/08/98 just a couple of months before I would attend my first party.

There seems to be a volume increase on side a around 30:05 also general quality seems to get better. I possibly should have done something about that during editing... Proly bro came home and adjusted the antennae and levels.

"As long as there's something to be said in the gehtto, there'll be graffiti." So true. Even when there's angsty teenagers living in a small town there'll be tags thrown up. Some locations around Grimsby felt the spray from the paint cans and the ink from those big ass markers I think they were called Magnums from yours truly. Wicked bass on that track.

There was supposed to be a guest appearance from MC Wrecker (not sure on that spelling) but I guess he never turns up, at least not on this tape.

1998.08.02 - The Prophecy - Mystical Influence, Sniper & Caddy Cad - Side A

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1998.08.02 - The Prophecy - Mystical Influence, Sniper & Caddy Cad - Side B

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