1998.08.30 - The Prophecy - Dj Prime - Old School Selections With No Decks

Recording Date: 
Sunday, August 30, 1998
Radio Program: 
The Prophecy

Well, here we are. This show marks the transition from one generation of tape collectors to the next. My brother's tapes (at least the ones that he could find so far) are all done and uploaded. There was some amazing stuff in there, but as things always go, it's time to move on. These tapes are the start of the Grimsby Crew doing their own recordings.

This particular show comes from the collection of one Dr.AnonymousNinja, who will remain anonymous until he chooses otherwise. He loaned me a bunch of tapes covering shows that I had missed due mostly to the vastly differing financial situations of our families when we were growing up. For me access to recording equipment and even blank tapes was a very new feature to have. The lack of blank tapes was a constant pressure, leading me to take some questionable actions at some points in my life.

Anyways, this is one of the gems, a set from the Prime Minister, on probably the station tables, with no pitch controls and who knows what kind of mixer. Despite this, Prime throws down and even mixes some tunes that to us relative jungle noobs had never been heard before or since.

That M-Beat track "Sweet Love", well I guess it isn't cool for guys to like songs about love with chick singers, especially "junglist soldiers" like we fancied ourselves, but I really like that track. The Dr. must have found something to like here as well, since he was likely as ruthless as I was about taping over content that didn't make the cut. Prime sets were a common target of the Dr's cuts but this single tape side made it past and for that I'm grateful.

All tapes going forward past this point in time (and even some in the past) are all from the vaults of the Grimsby Crew. Mostly my personal tapes of which some are copies of tapes that are owned by other crew members who have mostly scattered to the wind at this point.

Take a listen to this single 45 minute side that survived. Big ups again to Dr.Anon for providing me access to these beats, and to Prime for playing these tracks in the first place.

1998.08.30 - The Prophecy - Dj Prime - Old School Selections With No Decks - Side A

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