1998.12.06 - The Prophecy - Pre 3rd Year Anniversary Party Show - DJs Marcus, Prime & Diva w/ MC Caddy Cad

Recording Date: 
Sunday, December 6, 1998
Radio Program: 
The Prophecy

prime starting it off at 8:40 with some moving shadow label

3 Year anniversary for the prophecy next weekend at Tropicana.

Female Dj Diva going to be touching down with some new business straight from England.

Then we got that nice track one of my favs I think the dude is saying 'throw your fist up' prime with the wicked mix of course. Not sure on the name Marcus said it's "Millenium" I'm pretty sure it's on RAM records but I think it's called something else.

an SS dubplate next from the country series

Fever remix from the Congo Natty

Johnny L with the "See Red"

The big stinky nasty bassline coming through.

Weird cut is proly for ads around 18 mins.

Prime rolling out the hard sounds of the Fuse

Bouncy sounds of the Mix and Blend from Kenny Ken, totally awesome.

Back to some hard beats from Vortex "extra super hard" which I'm sure that Rob loved. But it's Prime playing it so I'm sure it was hilarious to hear the explinations on that one.

Marcus says that he's going to drop some Visionary Dubplates.

Caddy touching down at 25:40~ and ramps up with a lot of lyrics

Don't forget the comfort zone Monday College and Spadina this week with Flinch Doc. The following week Comfort Zone is special guest Medicine Muffin.


Prime rolling out the sounds of the Virus. Roasting!

Marcus takes over on the decks

Rewind and a VIBE rhyme from caddy cad.

The Visionary plates start rolling out around 35:00

Another rewind on the "Dangerous"

Tape side change from the original tape just before 43:00. I was dubbing from Rob's 90 onto my 110.

My fav of the Visionary plates is the "Detter?" with that wicked breaks and bass.

Caddy getting the infoline wrong. It's cause they're getting hammered.
26 Miles is pretty awesome too just takes a long time to get there.


Caddy telling us again not to miss the party next weekend at Tropicana, some pure Toronto business.

Side B:

3:20 coming in is the lover friend track. Another slammer. Of course going out to the ladies again lol as most of my favs usually do.

Dec 19 Phryll coming up

Bottom Line and Next Junction also on the 19th

Prophecy 3 Year Anniversary "Old School vs New" Presented By Urban Unit Sat Dec 12, 1998.

At 10:30 after the ads Dj Diva steps in at 9:50PM to finish off the show starting off the Grooverider the 808 state pacific remix. A dope ass tune man. Got those tingles.

Caddy is proly macking hard.

Some rough mixing but not everyone gets as much time on the decks and these might be the new tunes from England that she hasn't had much time with. Anyways mixing gets a lot better really fast.

MC Riddim hold tight and get the burning spot ready for D-Rail and Royal Rumble. Big up all Ganja smokers every time.

Studio is getting drunk on Kilkenny and is rowdy and loud.

Dec 26th boxing day special from AWOL with DJ Frenzic at the opera house (one of the only venues still going today)

28:50 caddy's Diva rhyme , hilarious. Always wondered what Caddy was like as a "regular" person talking off the radio.

1998.12.06 - The Prophecy - Pre 3rd Year Anniversary Party Show - DJs Marcus, Prime & Diva w/ MC Caddy Cad - Side A

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1998.12.06 - The Prophecy - Pre 3rd Year Anniversary Party Show - DJs Marcus, Prime & Diva w/ MC Caddy Cad - Side B

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