1999.02.04 - Renegade Airwaves - Dj Slip & MC L Natural

Recording Date: 
Thursday, February 4, 1999
Radio Program: 
Renegade Airwaves

This is the first Renegade Airwaves that I ever taped myself and what a slammin show. Slip starts off with that Millenium track that is just rolling hard. Unfortunately due to an auto-reverse dubbing incident, I lost the first 30-45 seconds of this tape side which means the intro to the show and the start of the track. It was quite painful to me when this happened. Actually I'm lucky that it wasn't any worse and that I was able to realize what was going on and stop the deck.

Overall it's an awesome show. We get some talking from Slip which I guess is kinda rare at least amung our tape collection here to date.

 Unfortunately this digitizing suffers from a very small skip at the beginning and will be re-recorded eventually. But for now the damaged version is going up.

Also there is no picture yet because things.

1999.02.04 - Renegade Airwaves - Dj Slip & MC L Natural - Side A

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