1998.10.30 - Renegade Airwaves - The Freakin '98 Business

Recording Date: 
Friday, October 30, 1998
Radio Program: 
100.7 FM

Big up to James in Ottawa for this one, the first tape shared with us for the jungle tapes collection is a dope Renegades show from the fall of '98!

Here's what James had to say about the show,

'We used to get CHIN pumped into Ottawa over cable and we used to listen to Renegade Airwaves a lot back in 98.   Sadly years later I don't have much left from those days, but I did stumble across one side of a cassette that had a show recorded around Halloween 98. Pure chance I stumbled across it years later... just wish I had more I digitized it a few years back.'


Listened to the tape a couple of times already, and it's got lots of great familiar tunes, and some rare tunes too.  Also a lot, and I mean a lot of party announcements, big ones being the party with Mix Master Mike who touched down for Freakin '98, 'The biggest event ever!' 

24:40 - Who's the funny sounding dude testing the Mic?

1998.10.30 - Renegade Airwaves - The Freakin '98 Business - Side A

90 Minute Cassette Tape

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