1999.06.04 - Renegades - Unknown DJ Mash Up

Recording Date: 
Friday, June 4, 1999
Radio Program: 
100.7 FM

Recording with no talking or MC'ing, just jungle and advertisements. Kinda spooky.  

No idea who the DJ is.  Sniper and Mystical often played first so it could be one of them, but I just can't be sure.  It could be any of the Vinyl Syndicate crew or even a guest.  Chris and I had a good laugh yesterday listening for unique skips in the records trying to match them up with other skippy records that belonged to certain DJ's.  Anyways, we could use the community's help identifying who's throwing down here, so let us know either on Twitter or Facebook what you think.

Overall a good set, mixing is good, interesting track selection.  Some liquid funk thrown in for good measure.

1999.06.04 - Renegades - Unknown DJ Mash Up - Side A


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