2000.01.21 - Renegade Airwaves - London Underground

Recording Date: 
Friday, January 21, 2000
Radio Program: 
89.5 FM

Recorded super early in the morning, this was my first jungle tape in almost two months and features Jay Mac and a very sleepy sounding Caddy Cad on the mic.  The tape actually starts off with a few minutes of the London Underground, where DJ Marcus spins house music, not jungle.  Jay Mac's set is good, it's a bit on the spooky side, but it's got some good mixing and it seems to wake up Caddy Cad who busts out a few rhymes.

There were many reasons for the huge gap in tape recording.  From September to November of 1999 I recorded so many tapes it took me this long just to listen to them all.  I also remember thinking that everything started to sound the same, and wanted to wait a bit for some new tunes to make their way into the hands of the DJs.  Also, girlfriend, a new job, the millennium, more girls and a growing appreciation for punk rock, hip hop and vinyl records.  Making jungle tapes just wasn't the only priority anymore.  It's amazing how fast things can change in high school.  In fact, when I look at it all I'm actually a little surprised that I started recording jungle tapes again at all.  I think I just got to that point that a lot of people reach where good music is good music and it's kinda fun and cool to branch out and listen to new styles.  I mean, just listen to the beginning of this tape, it's the legendary Marcus Visionary, godfather of Toronto jungle spinning house music!  

BTW does anyone know the names of the house tracks Marcus spins?  Leave a comment for us here or on FB yo!

2000.01.21 - Renegade Airwaves - London Underground

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