2000.04.14 - Renegade Airwaves - Terra Tape

Recording Date: 
Friday, April 14, 2000
Radio Program: 
89.5 FM

This is our one and only tape to feature the lady DJ Terra, originally from Winnipeg and it's a good one.  Terra plays the extended set, mostly on her own until Caddy show up at the end of Side A, and then on Side B we have the legendary DJ Sniper on the decks.  Both sets have lots of chill tunes & good mixing from both DJs.

Unfortunately it looks like I sacrificed a Prophecy show from the Fall of 99 to make the tape, but thats how it went sometime back in the day, not always a fresh tape available to do recordings.  If anyone has the November 27th 1999 Prophecy with DJ Prime we'd love to get our hands on it.  Send us a message via our Wish List message form!

2000.04.14 - Renegade Airwaves - Terra Tape (Side A)

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2000.04.14 - Renegade Airwaves - Terra Tape (Side B)

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