1998.07.18 - Rinse Out - The All Time Rinse

Recording Date: 
Saturday, July 18, 1998
Radio Program: 
Rinse Out

This was one of and still is one of my favourite tapes of all times. I think Muffin was throwing it down for all the people that would call in "blazing up the phones" for the Congo Natty vibes. On this tape they get what the fuck they were asking for!

My favourite mix has gotta be the Champion DJ and that EZ Rollers track that I can't remember the name of. I would rock that shit at maximum volume on my Panasonic tape deck at school just cause it was so awesome.

He really does it the Rinse Out way, with lots of awesome tunes and not a lot of talking. Thank you and massive big ups to Medicine Muffin for this set. I wonder if someone out there has the start of the show...

1998.07.18 - Rinse Out - The All Time Rinse - Side A

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1998.07.18 - Rinse Out - The All Time Rinse - Side B

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great show bro, this was that one special tape I heard you play so often.  some great mixes and great tune selection.