1996.09.15 - The Prophecy - A Jungalism Doze with Marcus & Shadow

Recording Date: 
Sunday, September 15, 1996
Radio Program: 
The Prophecy
89.5 FM

We're very excited to bring you this recording, which is officially crowned the oldest recording in the collection.  It features Marcus and Prime (under the moniker DJ Shadow) spinning and mixing classic tunes from Prizna X, SS, Hype & Zinc, Marvellous K, Moving Shadow, Tom and Jerry, DJ Die, DJ Rap and Bill Reily.

Gotta send thanks and an extra special big up to Carlos aka C.Boogie for getting in touch and doing the heavy lifting with the digitization and tape photography.  Hopefully we've got some more old tapes from his collection coming your way!

Oh one more thing, we gotta talk about the BASF Ferro Extra tape.  Without a doubt this is probably the nicest sounding recording on a Tape I tape type we've ever heard.  Seriously, it sounds like a Metal Type IV tape with a really crisp high end and a booming low end.

1996.09.15 - The Prophecy - A Jungalism Doze - Side A (Carlos)

key key

1996.09.15 - The Prophecy - A Jungalism Doze - Side B (Carlos)

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