1999.11.05 - Renegades - Trouble in Jungle Town

Recording Date: 
Friday, November 5, 1999
Radio Program: 
89.5 FM

This tape has some good mixing by Slip & Slide on Side A and Everfresh on Side B, but it's overshadowed by the "situation" in the rave scene.

I sort of feel like this tape marks the beginning of the end of the Toronto rave scene as we knew it.  The weekend before it was recorded, a young raver, Allan Ho, died at the Hullabaloo party that was held in an underground parking garage.  The scene had grown pretty big by this point and the press jumped on the story.  Toronto city council would pass legislation that would ban EDM after 3am.

Caddy Cad rightly senses that people out there are freaked out, and encourages people to call in, to express their concerns, maybe just talk about how they feel about whats going on in the scene.

It's interesting because at one point Caddy says, 'We're no different than anyone else, we're just trying to make a living.'

This tape has a similar kind of vibe as the Final Prophecy show, but while Marcus was optimistic that things would work out, this tape feels different, like things won't be the same again.

As for the tape itself,  Slip n' Slide are solid as usual, we get a lot of Ram Trilogy tunes from the Molten Beats album and some solid mixing from the brothers. Everfresh spins a spooky set, great mixing as well.   Can't say much for MC Rob-G, he doesn't really MC, just shouts 'Yeah, Yeah' a whole bunch of times.  You could probably make a Rob-G Yeah drinking game and get pretty hammered.  

Overall this is an interesting tape, but it's not one that I spin often, but depending on how you look at it it captures an important moment in Toronto's jungle history.

1999.11.05 - Renegades - Trouble in Jungle Town (Side A)

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1999.11.05 - Renegades - Trouble in Jungle Town (Side B)

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