1998.09.06 - Rinse Out - Medicine Muffin

Recording Date: 
Sunday, September 6, 1998
Radio Program: 
Rinse Out

This is a wicked show with lots of good tunes and good mixing. It's almost like a mix tape there is so little talking.

Big ups to the muffin for shutting up sometimes and just letting it roll. I was listening to one of Mike's tapes the other day where Prime is spinning some awesome tunes and Marcus just comes on the mic and starts talking right before the drop of the track and just keeps on talking. It's like damn man, any other time but the drop!

This tape for some reason did not make it into the original 7. It's a real shame. I basically re-discovered this tape when I got my hands on my bro's collection. I had heard it before but it would have been back in 98 and had totally forgotten anything about it. It's one of those eternal shames, how the limits of not having enough blank tapes have caused some stuff to be lost forever.

Back then there was just not enough space on your average computer to digitally record radio music. I had an Amiga 1200 at the time that had a 100MB hard drive. I could get online with it and my 14.4 modem to download songs but it's processor was too slow to play back mp3s (I could play back mp2s if anyone remembers those but only if I reduced the sampling rate by half!) so what I would do is decode the mp3s to WAV which would take about 1 hour for a few minute song and would also take up almost all the space on my drive. So I could listen to one song at a time.. Then I had to delete the song and spend another hour decoding a different song if I wanted to listen to it.

A few years later I was able to convince my parents that we needed a "modern" computer with the reasoning that it would help me with school work. That thing had a 4GB hard drive. I would download music on my 56k modem, record it to tapes and then delete it from the drive so I would have free space to download more. Of course if I ever happened to record over those tapes then that music would be lost as I no longer had the mp3s on the comptuer anymore.

Kind of laughable today but that's how it was.

Anyways, get to enjoying this awesome set from the one and only Medicine Muffin.

1998.09.06 - Rinse Out - Medicine Muffin - Side A

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1998.09.06 - Rinse Out - Medicine Muffin - Side B

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